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The Yoruba people traditionally speak the Yoruba language, although they may also acquire a second language, such as English.A variety of dialects continue to exist in the modern Yoruba, however the Yoruba are largely united thanks to a common Yoruba writing system.Although there has been some controversy regarding what should be considered “standard” Yoruba, the written form that developed from Crowther’s work is considered the modern standard for Yoruba by most scholars.Although it is based in part on the Ibadan and Oyo dialects of the Yoruba language, the written standard also includes unique elements not found in these other dialects.Of all the Niger-Congo languages, Yoruba has the greatest number of native speakers.

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I require more information on what the different steps/stages are so I can choose which I would like to adjust to our family situation.The work done at this time would later be expanded upon by the Bishop Samuel Crowther, who translated a Yoruba language version of the Bible using a Latin alphabet.The movement toward a standardized written Yoruba language was led by Crowther, a fluent Yoruba speaker who published the first Yoruba grammar.The Yoruba language is a major African language spoken by an estimated 20 million people primarily in southwestern Nigeria, Benin and Togo.The Yoruba language is historically associated with the Yoruba ethnic group (one of Nigeria’s three largest ethnic groups) and is one of the most important languages in Nigeria, along with Hausa, Igbo and Fulani.Common themes in early Yoruba language literature included the history of the Yoruba people and traditional Yoruba oral traditions. Fagunwa, are noted for their use of magical realism, presenting fantastical scenes and stories that captivate readers.