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I cannot honestly say it is educational, but it does incorporate some basic math (earning money for tasks, knowing if you have enough left to spend, etc.) and a lot of critical thinking ( you must meet certain criteria when decorating the window and designing outfits).

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We were looking for him; all the police were looking for him.

TALLEY: Did he go to see JONES: Oh no, he doesn’t go to the movies. JONES: I know, but he can wait till it comes on Home Box Office.

She’d already released six albums (she’d go on to release another four) and was starting a side gig as a film actress. TALLEY: In , when you hit Wilt Chamberlain all the time, did you actually knock him off the horse?

Grace Jones By Andy Warhol & André Leon Talley She’s positively jet-propelled.

JONES: And we went on that bus with [fashion illustrator] Antonio, [models] Pat Cleveland and Alva, and I sang “I Need A Man.”TALLEY: You wore a gold tutu and gold cowboy boots.

TALLEY: Remember Steve Rubell’s old club—it was like a country club in Queens.

ANDY WARHOL: Why don’t you buy a house instead of all those furs? I’m living in my own condominium in the West Village.

TALLEY: Do you remember the great moments like when we were in Paris and you opened at the Palace and Yves [Saint Laurent] and Lou Lou [de la Falaise] were sitting in the balcony, and they freaked out, they though the costume was inappropriate. You were the only one with a sense of humor about it. It was so natural for you to have this upbeat moment.

TALLEY: At this point of your life, what do you not have that you’d like to have? I want to create really good work and have fun with it. All the models were supporting him as he was having a breakdown, and you were the only one where—JONES: “Darling, it’s all right, it’s fine.” TALLEY: “It’s fine,” and you were smiling. They used to call me firefly when I was a little girl and I always tried to figure out why I was being called a firefly. After being in Jamaica for 13 years, my eyes were really beady and white and my skin was really black.

Even when she had no money, long before her one-woman show was a sellout around the world, Grace Jones had indefatigable style.

She would sweep into New York in August to vacation on Fire Island with only a Swiss Army knapsack slung over her shoulder. I’m the bad guy, and then, of course, after Bond makes love to me, like all the other women, I wake up out of my hypnosis, and I turn good in the end. JONES: It’s still Roger Moore, but I wish it were Hans [Lundgren, GJ’s bodyguard beau now known as Dolph Lundgren]. I don’t think Roger has much more…TALLEY: This is his last film. Hans is going to be coaching me for the kickboxing scenes. She said, “My god, you say the funniest things.”WARHOL: Actually, you should start to buy all the Rosalind Russell pictures.