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The overwhelmed boy had no clue what he was in for when he signed up for this team, but this treatment is now going to be a daily ritual performed before and after practice.

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From the hype of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Swim Bachelor entertained us with his search for love.With the 2016 Olympics headed our way, we need Jesse to return or we need to find a new Swim Bachelor to cover this important topic. Olympic Swim Team’s rendition of “Call Me Maybe” on You Tube (it’s approaching 3.5 million views). First, Brendan Hansen is hilarious, and if he is not on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, I’m not watching (I mean it this time).The most anticipated of the group, though, was the Regis Jesuit High School junior who held two world records, three world titles, and wore a purity ring on her left hand. ” Newspaper headlines from Boulder to Berlin had referred to her by her last name, and generally modified it with words like “record” or “gold medal” or “star.” But she was never simply a “swimmer,” because to call Missy Franklin that would be like saying Picasso was just a painter. I looked up to her, and I could see other young girls craning their necks and waiting for my answer. In fact, Missy was already tending to her fans who’d stuck around in the stands. I pointed out that anyone with a good video camera could film one of Missy’s swims and view it frame by frame.To her coach, she was “Miss”; to her father, “The Missile”; but to everyone else, she was “Missy,” as in: “Missy, can you sign my shirt? After the night’s events had ended and the 200 or so swimmers had packed up, the crush of girls placed themselves strategically along the staircase. Phelps and Lochte would receive shrieks of excitement when the young crowd spotted them, but the loudest screams would surely be reserved for Missy, who…well, where was she? She climbed atop some bleachers so she could see the children who lined up and patiently waited their turns to speak to her. Mark agreed, but, he said, “You’re still not going to see everything.” He was right.I actually had the chance to meet her at the Trials in Omaha, and I was dumbstruck by her adorable-ness.

Aside from all that, I have an awesome way to strike up a conversation with her: I approach her from across the room, whilst fiddling with a stubborn candy bar wrapper. “What is wrong you incredibly handsome 5’8” bear of a man? “I got this entire candy bar,” I begin, “…but all I really wanted was a Hersey’s kiss…” Then, fireworks go off in the distance. Years later, he joined his high school swim team and fell in love with wearing Speedos.She swam her heart out against China’s Shiwen Ye, who put together an amazing freestyle leg of an already grueling race.I too have felt the sting of defeat by the hand of the Chinese.Follow the journey of Swim Bachelor, Jesse Kubanet, in his search for love among Olympic Hotties. Second, not only are out ladies able to cut through the water like Poseidon on Viagra, they are all drop dead gorgeous.Finally, I discovered that I am in love, with all of them. But all Olympic-level swimmers put in the hours and work hard. Franklin, if her daughter had shown premature ability in swimming. A told me over lunch with her husband, “it was like home for her. That she’d been paired with three other teens meant that a fourth teenager was bumped from the group. In a sport where tenths of a second can separate a gold medal from obscurity, divulging information that could potentially help a competitor is akin to professional suicide. Although it’s generally accepted that few swimmers can hang with Missy when she’s in the middle of the pool (her incredibly efficient backstroke allows her to “catch” the water in her hands earlier than her opponents, and with each stroke she immediately propels herself forward without any delay), her takeoffs and turns are considered areas in which she could improve dramatically.