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Nowadays, we can especially feel the speed - and at the same time - the lack of time in our lives.

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With the abundance of apps available for all types of devices these days, it is possible to find an app for just about any need that may arise.Weight loss, shopping and increasing productivity apps can all be quite useful. There are many different categories of apps that can do this sort of thing: Some will cause text messages that you send and receive to become immediately hidden, others disguise themselves as other apps, making it difficult for prying individuals to discover your secrets.This can also be useful for journalists working on contentious topics that require careful privacy control.Another reason you might want an app like this is to hide certain content from your children.

However, you may want to consider being forthright and direct with your child about their device usage, rather than going behind their back.If you don’t want your lover to find evidence in your phone regarding your secret girlfriend or boyfriend, then one of these apps could help you keep your affair secret.While, of course, we don’t condone this, it is one reason people use such apps.In addition to being available via your web browser, AIM is also available as an app on the following platforms:: Once you enter a phone number, you'll find that some menu options appear on the top right near the number you just entered.From this area, you an initiate a video call, clear your chat history, block a contact, and more.This is why any of these amazing apps can really come in handy.