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This must have been a huge letdown for him, but fortunately love won out.

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There’s a major hate story coming out of the tabloids this week regarding Winona Ryder and it’s making my heart sad this morning. What did Winona ever do to anyone besides make amazing movies in the 80s/90s? Apparently Johnny’s heard her comments and couldn’t care less and I’m sure G is laughing somewhere exotic. It seems his golden boy veneer is losing its shine with his latest bomb. I’m just pointing out things aren’t what they were ten years ago.

Ever since her little stealing episode a few years back she’s stayed out of the spotlight taking small roles as they came along. It’s like I said a could days ago regarding Kristen Stewart and the unwashed/can’t get over Robert Pattinson stories. So far I haven’t heard anything I haven’t heard before and she’s right on about the Johnny Depp part.

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He has also won a WWE United States Championship, and released the i Tunes top 100 single, "Hoeski," in 2013. He damaged his career when he engaged in a deep feud with Kane and John Cena in Wrestle Mania.

When you have a nightmare, you wake up safe in your own bed and realize it was only just a bad dream.

She still thinks G’s a skank for stealing her part and is calling Depp a predictable douche by leaving Vanessa Paradis for 20-something blond, Amber Heard.

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We've spent countless hours packing in the highest quality video while keeping file sizes small.But today I woke up and realized I really lost to @Mojo Rawley WWE last night. 👍🏻👍🏻 B6Hpni Xq G One of @Mojo Rawley WWE’s “big” digs against me was that I train at LA fitness...which I don’t consider an insult one bit.....look who was training at LA Fitness TODAY...... They lost son Archie Jay earlier this year, when he was born 18 weeks early.Kym, who plays Michelle Connor in Corrie has kids David, 13, and Emily, 10, from a previous relationship.And Kym, in reply to a question asking if she admitted the adultery alleged, said: ‘Yes’, referring to her relationship with Jamie Lomas, which began before her marriage to Jack was officially over.