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Intimidating your children

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Recent serious case reviews have concluded that social workers struggle to deal with hostile and intimidating parents.Jim Wild explains why a national response is needed“I raised the issue in supervision that the man in the family was threatening.In his 2003 research professor Brian Littlechild, associate head of social work at the University of Hertfordshire, found the number of threats and violence was much higher in child protection work than 10 years earlier.Managers felt social workers needed a certain level of resilience to cope with it.This led to 10 missed opportunities to protect the children from further abuse.In the second case, in north London, a mother used formal complaints as a weapon to deflect proper assessment until the death of her eldest child.

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Consequently, my survival strategy was to regularly check under my car for any strange devices.Once, when I was undertaking one such check on the car, my manager, who was passing, asked if everything was OK.“Yes, just checking the tread on my tyres,” I explained.He said to me: ‘You don’t take our kids off us, if you do things happen to you….When my last visit ended he said he would see me out and I should take care crossing the road, because accidents happen….It is potentially one of the most exciting and innovative projects I can think of.