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The women on dates tend to take advantage of the men for a free meal, and the worst of the worst might accept a proposal, but only so that they can get as much money as possible before disappearing.

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Here the widows make pots and bowls from the clay in the local soil.

In most parts of the world, becoming a widow elicits sympathy.“On the radio and TV I was dealing a lot with women’s issues, health, the family, sex,” she tells .“Every time the show ended, we had lots of women coming in to tell us how they were being mistreated by their husbands.” She is talking on a mango farm run exclusively by widows, which she has financed.Not so among some communities in Ghana, where women are sometimes blamed for their husbands’ deaths, kicked out of the family homes or forced to undergo humiliating “widowhood” rituals.Many Ghanaian women find themselves abandoned by their families when their husbands die, and sometimes have to take part in ceremonies that, according to local practices, ensure their dead husbands’ passage to the afterlife.“We had no help from anyone – there is a stigma of being a widow in this country; it is very common,” she says.