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“It could just be that the types of couples with those characteristics are the types of couples who are, on average, more likely to divorce for other reasons,” said Hugo Mialon, one of the researchers behind the study.

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The series was originally renewed for Season 2 and then got a "back-nine" order, bringing its episode total to 22.

This all happened after it had only planned for an 18 episode arc.

They will all screen pm weeknights, beginning with Gotham, from October 9.

Premiering for the first time in Australia, season three of Gotham continues to follow the evolving stories of the city’s most malevolent villains including The Penguin, The Riddler, the future Catwoman, and the future Poison Ivy.

As is now the standard, this year brings with it a plethora of science fiction/ fantasy/superhero/monster/comic book/spin-off/remake/etc. And later, Fetch subscribers plus i Tunes and Google Play. This will lead to them crossing paths with George Lucas because why not.

TV series -- and we're here with a handy guide to help you keep track of it all. because there's a Premieres: April 2017 on BBC America. No date yet, but season 10 of the revival will introduce Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill, giving Peter Capaldi's Doctor a companion with no weirdness in her history. Instead of its usual April premiere date, season seven will be delayed a bit, coming in the summer instead. But we do know that Cersei's in charge in King's Landing and that's where Daenerys and her army is headed. TBC in Australia, which is a shame as this quirky show is great. The midseason finale ended Ghost Rider's run on the show, brought Daisy back into SHIELD, and introduced a Life Model Decoys into the mix. The finale season of continues and with only nine episodes left, things are bound to get interesting.

Thursday October 12, brings the return of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 8.30pm.

CBS has indicated that the remaining 7 episodes should air at a later, unspecified, date.

In addition, the new season will also dive into the worlds of the Court of Owls and Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter, a talented hypnotist, teetering on the edge of madness.

On Tuesdays, starting October 10 at 8.30pm, Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist, is back.

In the season three premiere, express from the US, Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, is grappling with giving up her human identity altogether, and only being the “Girl of Steel.” As she struggles with her path forward, she continues to work with the DEO to battle all threats to National City, including new villains, Morgan Edge and the “Worldkiller,” known as Reign.

The Flash season four will kick off Wednesday October 11 at 8.30pm, with Team Flash doing their best to keep moving forward without the Scarlet Speedster, and defeat all the threats that come their way.