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Fortunately he was able to grab to arm of a man nearby – he appeared to be his bodyguard.

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And when the bulky folder arrived on my doorstep several weeks later, I could barely bring myself to open it.

Feeling like someone about to witness a terrible event, I grabbed the wad of documents, still wrapped in their brown paper packaging, and rushed to the local café to find a quiet corner in which to peruse them without distraction.

Had Ellis already put someone ‘on the case’ to supply her with the firm evidence she needed to push ahead?

Shortly after her application* to instigate divorce proceedings on the grounds of adultery and cruelty (denied by Curzon), she supplied a supplementary petition which stated that: Your petitioner is at present unable to give any further or better particulars of the acts of adultery herein alleged but she relies upon a verbal confession of adultery made to her by the said Honorable Frederick Graham Curzon and also upon a similar confession made by the said Honorable Frederick Graham Curzon from Elizabeth Anne Jeffreys.

In fact, some months later I was able to visit the scene of the ‘crime’ – and although the road has been renamed Sussex Place, and the house is now the Hyde Park Radner Hotel, it was not hard to imagine Ellis gesticulating from one of the wrought iron balconies which overlooked the street.

Miss Ellis Jeffreys, the well-known English actress, was recently granted a divorce by Sir Francis Jeune, after a very painful story of married unhappiness had been told.

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Mrs Curzon found evidences of infidelity, and a solicitor was consulted. Then he let me go, and somehow or other I just got through my part at the theatre that night.”Had Ellis not had money and connections, it might not have been so easy for her to divorce her bad-tempered aristocrat.Their rather scandalous divorce several months before on the grounds of adultery and cruelty was reported in the newspapers of the time, making for the type of titillating reading that we are all too familiar with in the tabloids of today.However, it was only when I discovered that I could actually apply for a hard copy of the divorce papers from the National Archives (since published on-line) that I realised just how complex the case had actually been: as payment was by the page, I knew that there had been a large number of papers involved.Mrs Brown-Potter* has been entertaining several friends at her charming place at Bray Lodge. Herbert Sleath are among the other members of the theatrical profession at Maidenhead this summer.While I don’t doubt the fact that Curzon treated Ellis cruelly throughout their marriage – there are certainly reliable witnesses to the event – it does look as if Herbert and Ellis might have been romantically involved as early as the summer of 1902 (if not before), previous to a petition for divorce being initiated in late September of that same year.Her real name is Minnie Gertrude Ellis Curzon, and her husband is the Hon Frederick Graham Curzon, a son of the late Earl Howe. Counsel stated that the petitioner made every effort consistent with her professional position and peace of mind to prevent the matter going thus far.