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Arriving at the building’s front entrance, I rang the buzzer, and a heavyset doorman came out, wearing the look of a bouncer accustomed to turning people away.“I’m here to see Mr. Assange rarely allows visitors to carry electronics, so I was instructed to turn over my phone.

The guard then directed me into a small conference room, closing the door behind me without giving any indication how long I could expect to wait. Khatchadourian,” he said, seriously, as he opened the door.

He lives in a continuous state of hypervigilance, believing that the Embassy could be stormed at any moment.

Shortly after he arrived, British authorities threatened to strip the Embassy of its diplomatic protections and apprehend him by force.

Even as a new inquiry opened into possible collusion between Trump-campaign operatives and Russia, “the Wiki Leaks connection,” as James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, put it last year, remained obscure.

Assange is not an easy man to get on the phone, let alone to see in person.

The easiest route to the Embassy, if you are using the London Underground, is through the Knightsbridge station, next to Harrods. Although Assange has remained in his sanctum for years, he is attuned to his immediate surroundings: real-estate ownership, the Lamborghinis parked nearby, the habits of Arab sheikhs descending on local night spots.

The lane between the station and the Embassy is packed with tourists.

One friend compared him to the central figure in Philip K.Assange knows the street artists and buskers there (for years, one has been playing the theme song to “Knots Landing” over and over).At the end of the block, the brick façade of the Embassy is visible—its tricolor flag hanging from the white Juliet balcony where, from time to time, Assange issues proclamations. “Then come in.” A guard inside the Embassy had me empty my pockets and my bag onto a coffee table, then scanned my body with a security wand.In the five years since then, he has not set foot beyond the Embassy.Nonetheless, he has become a global influence, proving that with simple digital tools a single person can craft a new kind of power—a distributed, transnational power, which functions outside norms of state sovereignty that have held for centuries.After the election, Hillary Clinton argued that the releases had been instrumental in keeping her from the Oval Office.