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A wide range of clinical sequelae is observed during wasp stings—from simple allergic skin manifestations to severe systemic reactions and toxic reactions leading to death.[5] Wasps, being highly diverse insects, are solitary or social, parasitic or predatory, phytophagous or carnivorous or omnivorous.
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These ideologies range from deeming overly possessive actions, like telling them not to talk to someone and searching through their phone, as an act of love.

How is someone not trusting you to the point of invading your personal life considered romantic?

Oh, this horrible game that always seemed to start with you being upset but then ended with you apologizing to your partner for your emotions. It's the blame game: They will blame you for things that aren’t true, like that you’re cheating on your partner when you’re clearly not.

They’ll blame you for your problems/general unhappiness when clearly the problem is them.

While they may believe this, it doesn’t change the fact that one out of three adolescents in the US alone experience some sort of abuse.

Intimate dating violence exceeds all other types of teen violence today.

Experiencing this type of trauma can lead to higher risks of depression, suicidal thoughts, abusive dating/ interrelationship patterns, drug addiction, risky sexual behavior and even antisocial manners throughout one’s life. Growing up, people only seem to talk about the taboo of physical abuse, yet no one talks about the other abuses in intimate relationships.A lot of photos depict certain behaviors as romantic or "goals," when in fact they’re quite the opposite.Now certain jealous behaviors should be seen as a precursor of a big flashing red flag, but instead is revered as a universal template that everyone should perceive as romantic behavior.A rough patch can last between a week to a couple months. Just like insanity, you don’t know you’re already in too deep.According to the statistics on, 81 percent of parents don’t believe intimate dating violence in adolescents is an actual issue in today’s society.It doesn’t make you a bad person — it makes you a strong human being.