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Hunting for antique American furniture is a popular pastime, but how do you really know what you're buying is a true classic, such as a Shaker or Chippendale piece?By examining the shape and condition of the furniture nails and screws as well as the wood and finish, you can get a fairly good idea of when the furniture was built, and possibly by whom.Here's a few furniture tips that may prove useful to you.Thomas Chippendales "Gentleman and Cabinet Makers Director", published in three editions (1754, 1755 and1762) had a major influence on mid-18th C. In as much as he applied popular Rocco, Chinoiserie and Gothic design motifs to already fashionable shapes for both grand and simple household furniture. Chair makers at all levels - London, provincial and country adapted and modified their designs to suit their own skills, and their customers tastes and pockets.Are they tapered and pointed with smooth grooves, or are the ends cut and the slots offset?Any combination of these features can help place the age of the furniture.Country versions are instantly identifiable when made in woods than Mahogany.Often less well proportioned, much simpler in design with splats with little or no carving.

Glaring differences are suspect, and a signal that this particular piece might not be what it seems.Generally not so refined as the classical 18th C originals.Modern reproductions tend to be smaller and narrower than the originals enabling them to fit in with the smaller dining rooms of todays houses.More reproductions have been made of mid-18th C chairs than any other period.Victorian reproductions were either rather clumsy or with over done ornate carving with thin cabriole legs ending in heavy ball and claw feet.All types of handle designs were used to decorate further, pieces of furniture such as drawers, doors etc.