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With a US passport, you WILL need a visa to enter, and you can either get one online beforehand HERE through the Electronic Travel Authorization System (recommended), or you can simply obtain one on arrival, showing proof of onward travel, and you’ll be granted 30 days.

Jagath, my driver, met me at arrivals with the biggest smile on his face and immediately, we were on our way to the northwest of the island where I’d have an evening game drive with Leopard Trails, and enjoy the ultimate glamping experience right outside of a wildlife park!

I plopped onto the stairs where people enter and exit and let my feet dangle out the window (please be cautious about this) and waved at all the little kids who ran from inside their house to greet yet another train full of passengers — half locals, half tourists.

Kids hung their head out of the train windows letting their child-like happiness show through their grins and laughs.

There are sarongs they can rent out at the entrance, but it’s good to know ahead of time and be respectful. What I also noticed and loved about the Sri Lankan hospitality industry, is that you can expect to met and greeted with a warm towel, scented of lavender or jasmine, and a cooling glass of tea or juice blend any time you checked in somewhere.

Every step of your stay, you’re looked after and it was such a warm feeling to have.

It was so flattering to be called beautiful so many times from women who were twice as gorgeous.

Like any other holy site, you need to make sure you’re dressed modestly, with your shoulders and knees covered.

As South Asians, Sri Lankas have the same skin color as me, if not darker.

And it was such an inviting feeling when women and teenage girls would come up to me, look at me as if to study where I’m from, call me beautiful, and then scurry off.

And I was right there with them — a kid in a “Kandy” store, simply amazed that I get to explore this beautiful planet we live on and see some of the most unbelievable sights known to man.

Though the ride lasted a couple hours, I never wanted it to end.