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He also discusses the removal of secessionists from Alexandria; Baltimore, Maryland; and Washington, D.
However, Sam saving Dean by removing the Mark had die consequences to the world at large, as The Darkness ended up being unleashed.

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We go to sleep so we don’t get tortured waiting on that wet after-the-club p*ssy. No matter how dangerous your neighborhood is a guy will always leave his door open for some bomb p*ssy.

I don’t care if he lived in Gotham City, he’s going to leave it open.2.

You be alone contemplating being a committed man in sh! Have You in the Gym Last time you looked in the mirror you noticed that six-pack wasn’t sitting like it use to.

Shorty will have you getting on that treadmill and benching your life away so you have to hear about Idris every damn day.

If she thinks Usher is better performer than Michael Jackson, you go with that.

If she thinks Lil Scrappy will always be a better lyricist than Nas, you go with that.

If she says Jordan could never guard Lebron, you roll with it. Have You Cooking(You Only Got 1 Go-To Dish Though) What did you cook?

After a few drinks, numerous arm grabs, and ass shaking she gets out the club horny as f*ck.She knows how to keep a man entertained even when she’s not physically there, sh! Spend His Last on Some Rubbers You could have .78 in your account, but if she hits you up you gone cop that pack of Bareskins condoms and buy some Mckie D’s for dinner that night. She’s probably got food at her house anyway, right. How about when the p*ssy is so good you can’t look down at it, because if you do it’s a wrap.It’s not everyday that you get to bounce in some wet springy p*ssy. Good p*ssy will have you pulling out, giving yourself pep talks, and stroking superslow just so you can hang. Every time they hit you, you say “Naw bruh, I think Imma chill with shorty tonite. Have You on the Trying to Find New Moves to Do A woman with good p*ssy will have you wanting to step your d! You surfing the web, looking at Kama Sutra, and even going back to your p0rn stash for sex move references.I’mma get up with ya’ll later.” Soon as ya boys get off the phone they’re like “this n! Good p*ssy will have you buck naked in the bed waiting on yo girl ready to do a new move, she can’t tell if you trying to f*ck or wrestle.7.So it was only a matter of time before 15 Things Good P*ssy Can Do had to be written, actually a year later after 15 Things Good D! Within that year I’ve had some good p*ssy however there is also an alarming rate of wack box that inspired 6 Signs You Have Insecure P*ssy, a disease that is plaguing this great American country and even other places in the world.