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Fire Emblem Heroes mostly strikes a good balance here, providing enough hooks for big spenders to keep spending while ensuring that you could choose never to part with real money and still have fun.That equilibrium doesn't seem to be there for Pocket Camp.How much would you think it costs to build a zebra crossing?A couple of workmen, a few pots of black and white paint, two Belisha beacons - it doesn't sound like a lot.But sometimes we lack common sense,' Mayor Kirk Caldwell reportedly said at the July 27 signing ceremony.The law states that 'No person shall cross a street or highway while viewing a mobile electronic device.'Some of the included electronic devices are cell phones, paging devices, personal digital assistants, laptops, video games, 'digital photographic devices' or 'digital video recording devices'. The legislation adds: ''Mobile electronic device' means any handheld of other portable electronic equipment capable of providing wireless and/or data communication between two or more persons or of providing amusement.' Exceptions to the ban include people making a 911 call or emergency responders who are working.'The enforcement will be from a law enforcement agency.

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He wrote: "If the pay rate of the labourers is, say, £20 per hour, then the crossing must take 4,350 man-hours to make.

Pocket Camp is free to play, and the gifts that Nintendo gives away to new players dry up very quickly.

Doing anything after a week seemed to take forever unless I paid to speed things up.

The pressure group Taxpayers Alliance said the price tag for a zebra crossing was one of the "worst ever examples of waste of public money".

Chief executive Matthew Elliott said: "It is typical of the profligacy and waste in the public sector.