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I would be able to design robotics and cybernetic systems – the wave of the future. After one year of study with decent marks, I began to see two major classes of students.

The first category of student turned up to few lectures, partied every weekend, enjoyed a great social life, and did minimal work to pass courses.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, give a person a rank of ten in intelligence if you feel they were the most intelligent in the class.

For the students who had lots of friends, give them a ten in the popularity category. If you have problems remembering, quickly write the ranks down on paper.

Do the same for students you ranked in the popularity category.

Now that you have several people in each category, think about the difference between the student-types.

Did you noticed a distinguishable difference in the students you ranked during the exercise?

What makes matters worse is they avoid solving the dilemma because of pride.

Now, with the students you have ranked in one category, rank them in the other category.

So if you have ranked the smartest student as a ten in the intelligence category, give the person a rank you feel is appropriate in the popularity category.

He could never improve his grade by stabbing his teacher.

How can someone as smart as Jason do something so dumb? Studies show there is little to no correlation between IQ and emotional intelligence and that smart people are as likely to be good at communicating as “dumb people”. I was no Einstein but got good marks in Mathematics, Physics, and other technical subjects.