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Saturday Night Live 's Darrell Hammond, and George Lopez. Brennet has traveled across the country wooing audiences with her deft instrumentation, powerful Kricism. He will challenge the viewer to think about the importance of diversity to the human experience. He ad- vised The Oil City Review at Venango Campus for seven years.and uncanny ability to adeptly communicate the complexities of the human experience, according to the press release. Registered nurse and senior Clarion L'ni- versity BSN student Linda Robertson will discuss and present slides of her experiences in Malawi, known as the wann heart of . The Livefrt Lunch Series presenta- tion is sponsored by Clarion University - Venango Campus . Keeping Us Legal riic I'cnango I'oice is published periodicall) b\ llie sliidenls of Clarion IJniversitv of Pennsylvania. Upon arriving at Clarion, he and interested students, expanded on Clar- ion's existing literary jour- nal Dare."\ love working at Ve- nango Campus and interacting with the students," said Shontz. To participate, sign up on the BSU door at 262 Gemmell or on the Face- book group page at p.php? Winners will receive prizes and music and entertain- ment will be provided. The center is open to students, faculty, and staff at Ve- nango for no cost. What if you had to walk a mile or more every day to get water to drink and cook?Though she is current K a staff member at Venango campus. Co-ed honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi will sponsor its Speed Dating event on Monday, February 11, at 8 p.m., in room 246 Gem- mell at Clarion University. The Venango Campus fitness center, located on the around floor of Rhoades, is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. Staff will be available on the following days/times to help students, faculty, or staff get acquainted with the equipment: Monday, February 11, at a.m.; See EVENTS on page 4 Attention Students, Faculty, and Staff: Please keep in mind Venango Voice's deadline for submis- sions. Please submit all event in- formation or writing submissions before Tuesday morning, as Voice staff must al- low timefor editing and layout. Inside this issue: SB^ tobeco 1 News Briefs 1,4 Trash Talk 2 Odd News 3 Venango Voice Page 2 Venango voi What do you do to preserve water? We all have had to boil water before using it for a day or so while the city has fixed a problem, but can you imagine having to do this for the rest of your life? How would you live if water was rationed, tanker frucks bringing water into your city, and you were given an allotment of mere gallons to last the entire week?All these small changes can add up to making a huge difference to our world. DARE: Students can sign pledge to get free t-shirt Continued from page 1 and equality, which has made him a popular writer in Hollywood. It is part of the series "Women in Conflict Zones: War, Peace, and Reconciliation" spon- sored by the Presidential Commission on the Status of W omen and the Women's Studies program. Clarion University is committed to equal opportunity and at Timiative action for all people involved in its educational programs, activities, and employment. Professor Smart has been the advisor of Tobeco for the past four years, tak- ing over for professor Philip Terman, the founder of Clarion's literary journal.

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They should schedule their co-curricular when scheduling classes. The lecture is pre- sented in conjunction with Dare 2 Care Week. The Public Relations Student Society of America club will host the Mass Media Arts and Journalism - Communication Studies Organization Fair Monday. If everyone in the country saved just one gallon from their shower, it would save two times the amount of water drawn from the Great Lakes every day.

Shontz has one daughter, a Clarion University alumna with an education degree as well as a new employee of the Health Science Education Center at Clarion University, and one son, cur- rently a junior marketing major at Clar- ion Universirv. The position of editor, a paid work study position, is currently open. The editors accept submissions trom all sources, but resene the right to edit for libel, grammar, length, punctuation, and obscenity ; the detennination of which is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief Submissions must be signed and include contact infomiation. In the middle of the 20th century, it covered 9,900 square miles; by the beginning of the 21st cen- tury, it had shrunk to 580 square miles. I believe the more appropriate ques- tion is, how long until the crisis reaches here? We all need to start conserving water, lest we end up in a situation like millions of others: walk- ing miles a day to bring water back to our homes, using the same few buck- ets of water to bathe every member of a family, and fighting wars over who has control over which lake and river.

A new member of the family and "a new love in my life." Shontz said, is the family's new yellow Labrador re- triever. To become a pan of the Venango Voice team, submit an article, or for general in- quiries or comments, direct email to [email protected], call 814-676-6591. They must be received no later than noon on Mondays. Northern China's water tables are dropping 3 feet per year, the blame being placed on irri- gation and its wasteful run- off Beijing can supply itself only by diverting water from farms. Vm not suggesting anything too drastic; let's see what small changes could do: • Every two minutes we spend in the shower, we use as much water as a person in Africa uses the entire day for everything: cooking, bathing, and drinking.

Campus Activities Board representative Jon Geyer says the program is designed to "give stu- dents the opportunit} to experience diversity in different ways... Preacher Moss is well known for his ability to create a dialogue for diversity- See DARE on page 2 Venango Voice newspaper to see change By Kerri Smayda The \'encmgo Voice is about to receive a ma- jor overhaul - in looks and content.

By Kerri Smayda Dare 2 Care Week, a week-long celebration of diversity, will be held Monda\ Februan. ph\sical appear- ance, handicaps, and social and economic con- ditions."" according to a universit)' press release.